Year in Review 2023

January 2, 2024

As the year 2023 is coming to an end, it’s time to look at your year in review. Before setting new goals and making resolutions for the new year, take a step back to appreciate what you have accomplished this year. Are you satisfied with the progress you made at work or in your studies? Have you spent a good amount of time with friends and family? What are some milestones you have achieved this year? Did you take up a new hobby, travel to a new country, or discovered a new type of music or food you like? Count your victories and acknowledge your progress.

Your year in review

To look back at your year in tasks, we have compiled a personal review of your year in Structured. Here you can see how many tasks you have created over the course of the year and how much time you have planned in Structured. This gives you an idea of how much you have accomplished this year. Every task you checked off this year is a win in itself. Take a look at your numbers and take a minute to consider your goal for next year. Are you satisfied with the number of tasks and time planned? Or do you want to crank it up a bit for next year?

To recap not only the amount of time spent on tasks, but also how you spent it, take a look at your most used colours and icons. Did you colour code your tasks? Then you can evaluate the amount of time you’ve spent on work, studying, friends, hobbies, or chores. Is your most used icon work, school, or fun related? Look back at your year and asses how you’ve filled it. Did you spend enough time doing things that make you happy? Are you satisfied with what you have accomplished at work or in your studies? And what are your goals for next year?

Our year in review

2023 was the busiest year so far for Structured. We had 5 million active users who created over 20 million hours of tasks. This amounts to 2283 years of tasks. Enough to fill over 30 lifetimes or for Pluto to orbit the sun 9 times. On average, your tasks took 7 minutes. This means you are using Structured exactly as it is intended. To write down even the smallest tasks you want to accomplish. Brushing your teeth and giving a friend a call are tasks that deserve being written down and not forgotten.

Monday was your busiest day of the week, where you created the most tasks. Your most relaxed day with the least number of tasks was Saturday. Good job at enjoying the weekend and indulging in some downtime!

Your favourite colours were the Structured classics. Almost half of your tasks were created in the iconic Structured pink. The two most used icons were the alarm clock and the moon. This tells us that you like to set a framework for your day by creating tasks for getting up in the morning and going to bed. Or you just really like buying alarm clocks and taking walks in the moonlight. Other well used icons were the book, graduation cap, computer, and the heart. The first three tell us that you are avid students and worker bees. And judging by the popularity of the heart symbol, you go on A LOT of hot dates.

We hope that you had just as much fun working with Structured this year as we did. Now, we’re looking forward to a great and productive 2024!

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