The NEW Structured AI

June 18, 2024

Structured 3.5 is here and so is our magical, magnificent and marvellous NEWStructured AI. We have overworked and advanced the old Structured Assistant to make it even faster and smarter, powered by GPT-4.

The new Structured AI unleashes almost endless possibilities for planning your day. Continue reading to become familiar with all our new features and uncover new and simpler ways to structure your life.

Let the Scanning Magic Happen

Until now, our old Structured Assistant was only capable of receiving instructions via text or voice command. The new Structured AI finally features the scanner function, which allows you to seamlessly integrate your physical calendar, planner or to-do list directly into your Structured app with just one quick scan.

Scan Your Day Planner, To-Do List, Training Schedule or Favorite Recipe

No more tedious manual copying of timetables, shopping lists or match times for your favorite sports club.

The new Structured AI automatically implements your timetable into your Structured timeline, considering recurring events. When scanning a recipe from your favorite cookbook, the new Structured AI creates a shopping list with all ingredients needed as subtasks and another task including the instructions to prepare it. If you want to stay on track during the currently running European Championship, upload the match timetables you found online from your camera roll to be ready when the game begins.

Unleash New Possibilities of Planning

Scanning physical documents is not the only new feature. Not only can the new Structured AI create all-day, recurring and inbox tasks, it will simplify every day activities and inspire you when scheduling tasks. In addition, the new Structured AI can consider your existing events. Also, you can now edit, adjust and customize tasks generated by the new Structured AI before adding them to your timeline.

Advanced Task Creation

Now you can instruct the new Structured AI to schedule your weekly recurring dance class every Monday and Wednesday. Moreover, you can dump all your unscheduled, unpleasant to-dos, such as spring-cleaning, doing taxes, or decluttering, into your inbox simply by telling the new Structured AI. If you need to water your plants every day, the new Structured will generate a daily recurring all-day task to remind you.

Another smart feature: The new Structured AI can now consider existing tasks in your timeline when generating new tasks based on your instructions. This way, the new Structured AI and your existing schedule work hand in hand.

Before adding the tasks suggested by the new Structured AI, you can now edit and adjust them: Replace the icon, customize the color, add notes or adjust the timeframe. Integrate new tasks into your timeline just how you prefer it.

Get Inspired in Planning Your Days

You won’t believe it: The new Structured AI can now plan your next city trip, instruct you how to cook your favorite dish, build a marathon training schedule, prepare you for your upcoming exam, simply provide a list of household duties, and so on. This is a complete game changer when it comes to integrating Structured in your everyday life, as your planning options are almost endless.

🗽You are planning to go to New York next month?

Cool! Simply tell the new Structured AI from when to when you are going there, that you want to see all the important sights, but still include coffee breaks and lunch spots. The new Structured AI plans your itinerary. Bon voyage!

🍝 You are still dreaming about the lasagna you ate on vacation in Rome?

We also do. Ask the new Structured AI to create a grocery shopping list and an instruction task to cook the lasagna. Bon appétit!

🏃‍➡️ You’re running quite frequently but struggle to find the right balance to train for a marathon?

No problem! Inform the new Structured AI when the marathon is happening, and ask for a training schedule. Run, Forrest, run!

📚 You got only two weeks left until your exam about political theory and still haven’t got a clue where and when to begin studying?

Very relatable! Ask the Structured AI to build a studying schedule about the respective topic, and it will guide you through all related topics covered. You can do this!

🧹 You are bored by typing out all household duties over and over, which results in not doing them at all?

We feel you. The new Structured AI creates cleaning schedules depending on the type of room and what tasks have to be finished there. No more excuses!

That’s a Lot of New Input

We understand that. Endless possibilities of planning: Where to start? Where to end? How does it even work? How do I get structured? We got you.

Help Center Guide

We have a Help Center article for you to guide you through every single step. It doesn’t matter whether you intend to use text input, voice command, or the new scanning tool to instruct the new Structured AI. We also provide instruction input examples, serving as a guideline to fulfill your personal missions.

You Don’t Have Structured Pro?

Since the new Structured AI uses an external service, provided by OpenAI, and also needs to be maintained, it requires a ⭐️ Structured Pro subscription.

However, you can always test the new Structured AI and all other Structured Pro features in a free trial. Simply tap the big pink Structured Pro banner in your Structured settings and opt-in for the free trial. Alternatively, you can directly set up your 7-day trial period in your App Store.

You Have an Android Device?

Unfortunately, for now, the Structured AI is only available for Apple devices. Dear Android users, we see you, and we will make the feature available for you at some point as well. 💗

The new Structured AI is just as we are: Simple, seamless, Structured.

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