Structured turns 4!

April 10, 2024

Like a toddler, in the past year Structured has grown quickly, explored the world and learned new skills, reaching many milestones along the way. The past year has been by far the most exciting and important one of Structured’s young history.

Nevertheless, growing quickly is not only exhausting for a toddler. When expanding fast as a young company, you sometimes have to take a moment and tidy up. That's why there was no major iOS update last year, but we did a lot of organizing, sorting and, of course, structuring in the background to make our company but especially Structured itself more stable.

However, we have, of course, learned many useful new skills and expanded Structured to make it even more exciting and accessible for our users. Now, that we’ve turned 4, we want to look back and share these wonderful accomplishments along the way with you.

Structured Growth

Whereas a year ago, we were a team of just 4 people looking after Structured, we have since grown considerably to a team of 12 permanent employees and some additional freelancers living and working in different countries. We are particularly proud that we can share our ideas across three continents, with everyone bringing their own skills, expertise and perspectives to the table.

Structured Updates on iOS

In the past year, we have introduced some new features, updates and upgrades to Structured on iOS. Most of them were very present to you, but many bug fixes and improvements have been going on in the background to provide you with a seamless user experience.

Structured Assistant

Foremost, in June we introduced the Structured Assistant, which is an AI-based tool to assist you in structuring your day even quicker. By telling or writing down your plans for the day, the assistant will create tasks you can simply add to your timeline, to save your valuable time. Cool, isn’t it? And to make it even cooler, we are currently working on some new features for the Structured Assistant.

Structured and iOS 17

With the release of iOS 17 in September, we have implemented many new features for Structured to make your user experience even more structured. New widgets and the Dynamic Island were included, and the Structured for StandBy mode feature even made it into the official Apple Event Keynote on September, 12. What a great honor and big milestone for us!

Energy Monitor

In January, we introduced the Energy Monitor, which we have developed in collaboration with researchers and medical professionals of the Dutch institute Breinstraat. The Energy Monitor helps you to get a better overview of what you can and cannot accomplish in terms of energy in a day. By attaching Energy Points to your daily activities, you are regaining control over your overall energy level.

Contingent Pricing

Also in January, together with our friend’s app one sec, we were chosen by Apple to join the Contingent Pricing program. From then on, yearly active subscribers from either Structured or one sec are eligible to subscribe to the respective other app for 30 percent off.

Structured Offspring

After so many of you requested it, Structured for iOS received a sibling for Android in October 2023. Unlike its older sibling, Structured on Android has not yet achieved all the skills of Structured on Apple, but is making great progress in catching up quickly.

To make even more of you happy, we have been working on a web version of Structured for several months now, which is expected to join its siblings in the upcoming months.

Another highly requested feature we have been working on is the Structured Cloud, which will enable syncing your data across your devices more seamlessly and reliable. We are currently in the closed beta testing phase, and the results look very promising.

Structured Impact

Even as a small company, we are aware of the impact we have on our surroundings. Our team always wants to be aware of the values we aim to represent internally and externally, and how we can make the world a little bit better with the means at our disposal.

Therefore, around 5 percent of our monthly revenue is donated to various charitable causes. We also supported other causes in larger campaigns last year. For example, in November on Black Friday, we introduced our own Pink Friday and donated one weekend's proceeds to environmental causes.


Now, that Structured has turned 4, we are officially not a toddler anymore. So what do 4-year-olds do? They learn how to hop, skip and jump forward. Sounds just like our plans for the upcoming year. We are excited about what is to come and what to expect, and hope to enjoy the ride with you! Stay tuned and structured.

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