Structured 2.3: Icons, Icons, Icons!

August 23, 2022


  • Over 400 new icons for every task and activity

  • Brand-new icon picker with categories, search and recently used

  • Fixed a bug, where recurring events were duplicating.

  • Improved translations for Simplified Chines, Korean, Japanese, Thai and Finish.

  • Added a monthly & yearly subscription for Structured Pro (see Why Structured is moving to subscriptions?)

One of the key parts of Structured are those small icons you can choose for every task. They make it easy to see what’s up at a glance, can help categories your task, and just add this extra touch.

They were inspired by the little stickers you can put into your paper planners, but have the added benefit of never running out and Structured 2.3 you’ve got a big new pack of those in your mail (not literally) 📮

400+ New Icons

Today’s update adds over 400 new icons and updates some existing ones, bringing the total to over 550 icons 🤯 New icons include a vacuum cleaner or broom for cleaning up, a slice of pizza or burger if you get hungry, Instagram or Twitter logos if you need to post a picture of your food and a hammock if you need to relax after eating it 🍕

But all these icons also want to get found and scrolling through 550 might be relaxing, but will probably not get you closer to your goals. That’s why I’ve added tons of new features to the brand-new icons view ✨

All-New Icons Picker

First and foremost, all the icons are grouped into 17 different Categories, and you can quickly jump to the correct one using the Categories Bar at the bottom. Alternatively, you can also use the Search Bar at the top to find a fitting icon or pick one of the suggested ones (I’m working on improving the suggestions soon). If you have a few favorite icons you use over and over again (may I suggest the candy icon 🍬), they will pop up in the Recently used section, where you can quickly access them.

Premium Icons

Some new icons are now part of Structured Pro and require you to upgrade to use them. If you’ve upgrade to Structured Pro in the past, you’ll already have access to all premium and free icons. All old and some new icons (250 in total) can be used by all Structured users for free. These include icons for cycling, knitting and importantly all school related icons.

Still missing icons???

550 icons cover plenty of different activities, as everyone’s life is different, I’m sure there are still some missing. If you can’t find the perfect icon for your hobby or pet, simply use the Request Icon form at the bottom, and I’ll do my best to add more icons in future updates.

Big credit goes to Apple, who created a lot of the icons as part of their SF Symbols, to Icons8 who provided all the logos of apps & websites and to Manoj, which whom I’ve worked with to create the missing icons (will open-source those soon). The sources of all icons can be found here.

What else changed?

Besides adding 400+ icons and improving the icon pickers, I’ve also reworked the inner workings of recurring tasks. This does not bring any new features, but should fix a bug where they kept duplicating and improve their performance.

The translation for Simplified Chines, Korean, Japanese, Thai and Finish should now also be more consistent thanks to the help from Wordcrafts 🇹🇼🇰🇷🇯🇵🇹🇭🇫🇮

Other than that, Structured Pro can now also be bought as a monthly or yearly subscription. You can read more about this here: Why Structured is moving to subscriptions?

What’s next?

I have some nice improvements coming up for Structured, some of which I’m already working on. These include improvements for iOS 16 (e.g. lock-screen widgets) and a much better sync. Also check out the recently reworked roadmap for more information.

In the nearer future, I plan to add a feature to remind subscribers that their subscription will renew soon and also improve the suggested icons. I had planned to include them in the latest update, but they took longer than expected.

Also, a small note for everyone running iOS 14. You’ll notice that not all the new features are available (search, category bar) and that some icons are also missing. This is unfortunately necessary since, these rely on functionality, which is only available in iOS 15+. This update will also be one of the last ones, that supports iOS 14, since too many of the new features would be unavailable on early versions. I hope you understand.

Finally, one important question, which of the new icons is your favorite? Tell me on Instagram or Twitter!

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