Integrate Your Calendar Into Structured

October 12, 2023

Before you discovered Structured, you may have organized your appointments, meetings, and to-do’s with a calendar app. In case you are now worried about the effort of making the switch or are not ready to completely give up on your calendar app, you will be relieved to hear that there is a simple solution. With Structured Pro, you have the option to integrate your calendar app into Structured. In this article, we will give you a few ideas on how to use that feature.

The right combination

You want to use Structured as your main planner app, but there are many important entries saved in your calendar? Don’t worry, there is no need to reenter them all in Structured. Take a brief look into the Help Center of Structured to learn how to integrate your calendar app. After the import, every event from your calendar will appear as a task on your Structured timeline, marked with a little calendar symbol next to it. The events will keep the color they had in your calendar app, and Structured will automatically pick an icon that matches your events’ description. If you are not satisfied with the choices, you can of cause change the appearance of the task.

Structured can replace your calendar app completely, but it can also be used in addition to it. Letting go of your calendar app might not be an option for you, for example if you are using a shared work calendar. Or if you are sending e-mail invites to meetings that are automatically saved to your calendar. By integrating your calendar app into Structured you can use both apps together, as the events will regularly be imported. You can continue to enter your work meetings and appointments into your calendar, and then use Structured to add the tasks that fill the rest of your day. Unlike your calendar, Structured is made for keeping track of even the most mundane tasks you have to deal with, like shopping for groceries or watering your plants.

This way, the two apps can be used in perfect harmony to support you in staying organized.

Important dates

When integrating your calendar app into Structured, you can select which calendars you want to add to your timeline. For example, if your calendar app contains an overview of the public holidays of your country, you can also import them into Structured. Each public holiday will then be displayed as an all-day task at the beginning of your timeline.

Just as you would like to know when Halloween is coming up, you might want to keep a reminder of your friend’s and family’s birthdays. Import your birthday calendar into Structured, to avoid having to reenter them manually when switching over from your calendar app. Birthdays will also be saved as all-day tasks. You can then add tasks to remind you of buying gifts and giving your friends a quick call on their birthday.

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