Get Started With Structured!

June 12, 2023

Structured is a simple day planner that brings your to-do’s and events to one place. Here is a quick guide to help you get started with the most essential functions of Structured.

Where is what?

When opening Structured, the first thing you will see is the timeline. Here, you can plan your day by filling it with tasks. On the left side you can see the time of day and by tapping one of the dates at the top you can jump to any day of the week. Swipe the line of dates horizontally to switch to the next or previous week. At the very top of the page, you can see the feature bar with these symbols:

Structured Assistant: The Structured assistant is an AI-based tool, which can help you in organizing your day by creating tasks for you. If you would like to learn how to use this feature, check out: How to Use Structured Assistant.

Calendar: Tap here to open the calendar view, to jump to any day in the future or past.

Inbox: Here you can save all of your tasks that don’t have a specific date or time and thereby don’t belong on your timeline.

Settings: In the Structured settings you can, among other things, change the appearance of the app, edit your notifications, and integrate other apps into Structured.

Your first daily schedule

You can see that your timeline already contains two tasks: “Wake up!” and “Sleep well!”. These were created to give you a frame of reference on how to fill your day. You can of course adjust these to the actual times you wake up and go to bed.

To create your first task, tap on the large plus sign in the lower right corner of the page. After typing in a title, you can set a time and duration for your task. Structured was made to hold even your most mundane tasks to encourage you to organize every part of your day. So don’t be afraid to include tasks like “Breakfast”, “Take a shower”, and “Buy tomatoes”.

Every task can also contain several subtasks and notes. These can be used to split up large tasks into smaller accomplishable steps and to keep extra information about your tasks, like an address or phone number.

For more information about tasks, check out: How to Create, Edit & Delete Tasks.

Keep track of your routines

We all have certain repeating tasks that we do every day, every week, or once a month. These include the daily lunch, a regular team meeting, or cleaning the fridge. In Structured, all of these tasks can be created as recurring tasks. This way, you don’t have to create a new task for every repetition event. The schedule of a recurring task can be set to any interval you need. You can, for example, remind yourself to call your grandma every second Sunday, create a task for your gym workout on three days of the week, or set a reminder to clean your windows every four months.

To create a recurring task, tap on the plus symbol, choose a name and time for your task and then set an interval in the section How often?.

If you want to learn more about recurring tasks, check out: How to Create Recurring Tasks.

Never miss your tasks again

To make sure that you don’t miss an appointment, meeting, or deadline, Structured provides you with the option of settings notifications for your tasks. When you are creating a task, scroll to the section Need alerts? And choose when you want to be reminded of that task. In the Structured settings, you can also change the sound of the alert.

To find out more about notifications, check out: How to Enable Notifications & Alerts

Save your to-dos for later

Sometimes we have things on our mind that need to get done, but we just haven’t found the right time. The inbox is the perfect place for these types of tasks. Save all your to-dos here, until you find a time to accomplish them. Then you can either check them off directly in the inbox, or insert them into a free time slot on your timeline.

Read more about the inbox here: How to Use the Inbox.

Organize & customize your tasks

Structured offers many ways to simplify organizing your days. If your schedule changes, use drag & drop to move your tasks around on your timeline. You can also drag a task from the inbox into your timeline when you have found a free time slot. Or the other way around when you change your mind about doing something.

Customizing your tasks makes the coordination of your timeline straightforward. When creating a task, you can choose an icon for it from a wide selection. This provides you with a clear overview of your tasks by just glancing at your timeline.

With Structured, you can also use colour coding to your advantage. Use different colours for your tasks to categorize them into work, school, meals, chores, and fun. Or make your inbox more manageable by colouring your tasks according to urgency.

Learn more about: How to Use Drag & Drop, How to Use Task Icons, and Color Coding.

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